Who doesn’t think about going swimming as summer draws closer and the weather heats up? Water safety is crucial to an enjoyable swim experience; Cusack Family Swim School in McKinney has teamed up with Texas Drowning Prevention Alliance to help spread the word and teach simple steps that could save a child’s life.

According to the Cusack Family Swim School, “Drowning is the second leading cause of death in children ages 1-14. The fact is that an average of 2 children drown every day and for every fatal drowning, there are 4 non-fatal drowning’s that suffer severe and life changing injuries. A child can drown in less than an inch of water. Many of these can be prevented with just a few precautions, but we need to spread awareness to families.”

Cusack Family Swim School is spreading the word through various schools in McKinney and Prosper with Water Safety Days. “We go into schools dressed up as a Sea Star and discuss water safety rules. Students also bring home educational information to their parents about water safety. We want to make sure that every North Texas child is safe around the water. Please help us spread the word and talk with your children about being safe around the water and learning to swim.” They also offer the following safety checklist:

•  Assigned “Water Watcher” or Certified Lifeguard

•  Swimming lessons to include water safety skills

•  Proper isolation fencing around pools

•  Pool and gate alarms

•  Self-closing and self-latching pool gates

•  Locks and alarms on doors leading to pool

•  Cell phone by pool

•  Ring Buoy, Personal Floatation Devices, Shepherd’s crook

•  Infant, Child/Adult CPR & First Aid training

•  Emergency 9-1-1 and CPR signs posted

Click here for more information about the Cusack Family Swim School.

For more information from the City of McKinney about pool and water safety click here.


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