If you use an iPod, cell phone or anything that needs to hold a charge, you know that when you turn it on you need it to work. Have you had the experience of turning something on only to find that it's completely out of charge?

This happened to me one morning as I was heading out for a long run. I have a routine I follow when preparing for a long run which includes setting out my gear the night before.

On this particular day I had everything out including my iPod, however I never checked to see if it was charged. I quickly found out the next morning as I was darting down the road, iPod silent despite my desperate attempts to "make sure it was really on," that I had failed to charge it. Maybe you have had a similar experience. It might have been with your phone. You found yourself in the middle of an important conversation and the battery starts dying, just when you needed it the most!

Your personal energy stores are like this. If you don't take the time to recharge your batteries you could find that just the time you really need energy, you've got nothing left.

So how does one fit recharging into an already busy day?

1, Change your mindset. If you are telling yourself that you don't have time to recharge, change your mind-set. You MUST take time to recharge yourself, just as you do your phone or iPod. They don't have unlimited charge and neither do you. So don't give in to thinking you don't have the time.

2, Be intentional and plan for it. You probably have at least a rough plan of what you need to do each day. Put recharging on the calendar. Begin by looking for just 15 minutes in your day somewhere and block it off as you would an important meeting. If you don't put it on the calendar, it probably won't happen.

3, Make it a routine. I've heard it takes 20 days to form a habit. Recharging could be one of the most important habits you'll ever form. What would you do if you knew it would enable you to live in a constant state of energy? How much more effective would you be on a daily basis? How much could you get done in less time? Charged batteries will take you farther faster!

You know the difference in your productivity, your relationships, your judgment and thinking when you are fully charged. Everyday you are faced with decisions on how you will spend your time and energy. Make sure you have plenty of energy by spending at least some time each day, recharging your personal batteries.


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