DFW Lab Rescue, a local chapter of a nationwide Labrador rescue group, has chosen Stonebridge Animal Hospital to examine and treat its rescued Labrador Retrievers in the North Texas region. We are happy to help these deserving orphans to better health so they’re able to find new, loving homes in the McKinney area,” says Dr. Ed Mapes, head of surgery.

DFW Lab Rescue is a non-profit, charitable (501)c(3) organization, dedicated to alleviating needless death and suffering of homeless or misplaced pure-bred Labrador Retrievers. They provide education about responsible dog ownership, including, but not limited to counseling on behavior and obedience training, sterilization (spaying and neutering), and veterinary care. They seek out loving homes for these Labs, and provide quality interim care and rehabilitation through volunteer foster homes and veterinary intervention.

Dr. Ed Mapes has been a veterinarian since 1980 and established Stonebridge Animal Hospital, which opened its doors for business on July 30, 2012.

DFW Lab Rescue: dfwlabrescue.org

The Labrador Retriever Club supports rescue efforts by maintaining a list of people nationwide who help place lost or abandoned Labradors.