Playtri is excited to have partnered with Reagan ChiroSport Center to have their new clinic located in the McKinney store.

As a member of the USAT Elite Sports Performance team, Dr. Reagan has treated numerous professional and age group triathletes for several years. She takes particular pride in being the official chiropractor for the US Olympic team at the Beijing Olympics as well as striving to be a leader in the chiropractor field.

Injury prevention and recovery are key to an athlete's ability to maintain consistency in training. We recently interviewed Dr. Reagan to seek her insight and expertise on how her team can keep you swimming, biking, and running 12 months of the year.

Why would an athlete look to seek your services?

Reagan ChiroSport Center

Dr. Reagan: In order for you to perform at your best or feel your best, you need to ensure the body is in it's best alignment and working order. If we use the analogy of the car that we drive, in order for it to run smoothly, we take it to the mechanic for regular maintenance such as oil changes.   If you continue to drive your car without having it checked or maintained, eventually it will break down and require major servicing.

From a care provider stand point, we would rather see you for the regular maintenance versus having you come to us for a major overhaul. Everyone's goal should be to be pain free and to be able to function at their best.

What services and recovery tools do you have available at the Playtri McKinney Store?

Dr. Reagan: Our team can offer many services including, but not limited to stretch to win, active release, graston, dry needling.  We use different recovery and treatment modalities, however the Norma tech boots are unique and not accessible in many clinics. The Norma tech boot is the primary tool used with the USAT triathlon team. It's function is to increase the circulation, flush lactic acid out of the athlete's system and deliver new blood to the muscle to repair tissue damage caused through training and competition. We will soon be introducing the Norma tech sleeve that helps an athlete recover after a hard swim.


What is the best advice you could give an athlete to help keep them healthy?

Dr. Reagan: You only have one body, therefore you need to take good care of it. Foam rolling is a great method to fine tune your soft tissue on your own between visits. The other piece of advice would be not to ignore little problems. If the oil light comes on and the engine needs attention, we take it to the mechanic for an assessment. If you can address something when it first occurs, you can prevent the situation from becoming a larger issue.

Are there common oversights by athlete's that could help them prevent injury?

Dr. Reagan: There are three key things that an athlete can do to prevent injury:

1. The number one oversight is for an athlete to ignore pain and warning signs when they first occur thinking that it will "go away" on it's own. It's one thing to have lingering pain versus slight muscle soreness after a workout. If it is ongoing pain, it needs to be addressed and is an indication that something is not right.

2. The second common oversight  we see is that proper warm up is not done.

3. The third common oversight is learning to know when your body needs proper recovery. We see a lot of type "a" personalities where they need to get that last e-mail done and are up working late at night versus getting the proper rest and recuperation. Your body needs down time to repair muscle damage you are doing to it through training and competition.

We are sure that you have many success stories about athletes that you have helped. Is there a particular story that you would like to share that holds special memories for you?

Dr. Reagan: There are many I would like to share, but a particular story that resulted in me getting my position with the USAT Sport Performance Team goes back to treating Greg Bennett before a major competition here in Dallas. Greg came to me three days prior to the competition with major hamstring issues thinking that he would not even be able to compete for the event. By treating the pelvic imbalance and alignment issues, and working on other soft tissue strains he went on to win the event which was a highlight to his career as a professional triathlete.

Dr. Camille Reagan, DACBSP, CCEP, certified Graston, ART, FAKTR-PM and dry needling. For additional information or to schedule an appointment go to or call 972-398-6419.