When we think of education, most of us initially think of history, math, science and reading. But McKinney’s education system goes far beyond the basics. Our secondary schools offer everything from visual and performing arts to aviation and nursing programs. The common elements that make these programs successful are students with determination and teachers with passion.

I wish we could tell you about more of these programs, but since this is our healthy living issue, our volunteer editorial committee decided to zero in on McKinney Independent School District’s (MISD) thriving Health Science Technical Education (HSTE) program. You can read about how students are trained for successful, meaningful careers.

HSTE, of course, isn’t the only place that McKinney’s dedicated nurses and medical professionals share their brainpower and compassion. They offer their time to local organizations such as Collin County Medical Reserve Corps (CCMRC), an organization that responds to large-scale public health emergencies. In addition to working with MISD, the CCMRC works with hospitals, the American Red Cross and amateur radio clubs. Read more about how the CCMRC and Minuteman Disaster Response are prepared for any challenge.

Did you know?

        Brains have the consistency of a loose gelatin dessert. Specially treated brains are used for study, which is why they’re firm.

        Your eyeballs are an extension of your brain and are directly connected to it.

        Cartilage grows throughout a lifetime; a nose can grow up to a half an inch between the age of 30 and 70.

Peggy Smolen, Publisher, McKinney Magazine

Well now you do, thanks to Nancy Yarbrough at Evans Middle School (and The Cleveland Clinic), who keep these fun facts flowing. February is Heart Health Month, and Amy Rogers tells the stories of two of your neighbors, Libby Schnell and Michael Khoury, who learned firsthand about the importance of recognizing the signs of stroke and heart attack – and of acting quickly to get treatment.

I was fortunate to meet one of America’s heroes at a recent community-wide housewarming. Cpl. Brian Aft was welcomed into his newly built McKinney home. Thank you, Cpl. Aft, for your service.


Peggy Smolen
Publisher, McKinney Magazine


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