McKINNEY – Halloween can be a scary time for kids’ teeth, but Stonebridge Dental is educating parents and kids about the importance of sound oral health habits during candy season.

“Halloween is an excellent time to remind kids why brushing after snacks, especially candy, helps keep their teeth healthy,” said Cindy McMann, DDS, of Stonebridge Dental in McKinney. “I like to use trick-or-treating as a way to teach my children how to be smart about the type of candy they eat, and the amount.”

Stonebridge Dental has some tricks for dealing with Halloween treats:

  • Make Halloween an opportunity to remind your kids of the importance of brushing twice a day and after snacks.
  • Try to ensure kids eat a healthy, nutritious meal prior to trick-or-treating, so they will be full and there will be less temptation to gorge on candy.
  • When you get home, toss out hard or sticky candies that take a long time to eat thereby exposing young teeth to sugar more than other types of candy. Hard, sticky candy tends to adhere to teeth more than other types.
  • Choose candies that melt quickly, like chocolate. That will reduce the time sugar in is the mouth.
  • Limit your kids to a few pieces each day and make sure they floss and brush afterward. If brushing isn’t possible, have kids rinse with plain water.
  • Keep candy out of reach: Don’t allow unsupervised grazing, and avoid letting your kids keep their Halloween candy in their bedrooms.
  • Allow your kids a limited amount of candy only after they finish a meal.
  • Let Halloween be a reminder to take kids to the dentist for their six-month checkup.

“At Stonebridge Dental, we’re committed to cavity prevention for all members of the family,” said McMann.

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Cindy McMann, DDS, received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, and has operated a family dental practice, along with her business partner, Mike Bolten, for more than 10 years.