Integrity Transitional Hospital (“ITH”) LTACH is opening another facility in McKinney this December. The new facility will be extending the services of their sister facility in Denton to the residents of McKinney.

Ben Patton

Ben Patton

Over the last five years over $200 million has been spent in McKinney primarily to treat patients with acute care needs. McKinney is quickly becoming a healthcare center for North Dallas. Many of the patients who receive treatment in an acute care facility require longer term care. This is typically for patients that require long-term antibiotics, extended wound care treatment or pulmonary care.

The ITH team had been looking for space in McKinney for over a year until they decided that the best way to treat patients in the area was to build their own facility. They partnered with Twenty Rule Inc. to build the facility, mainly as a result of Twenty Rule’s experience in healthcare construction and ability to complete the project within a short time-frame. They chose a site along U.S. 380 just west of Baylor Medical Center at McKinney. This location would give them good visibility, traffic flow and easy access to Denton, Sherman and patients coming up the Dallas North Tollway.

The facility broke ground in April and is expected to be open later this year. This will be the only LTACH or Long Term Acute Care Hospital in McKinney and will be outfitted with 48 private patient rooms. The facility will also provide outpatient treatments such as infusion therapy, pain management and wound care treatments. Additionally, the facility will house a rehab hospital to help patients who require above three hours of physical therapy per day. Both hospitals are expected to compliment the surrounding healthcare facilities and provide a more accessible option for the residents of McKinney and Allen.

The team working at ITH knows that although they will have a new building, there is nothing more important than providing excellent patient care. No matter how long the recovery period is for a patient, they will now be able to find a place where quality healthcare services can be provided for their needs.

For more information about the services that made Integrity Transitional Hospital a credible hospital for patients needing space and healthcare for long-term recovery, feel free to visit the site of their sister facility at