Keeping your pool in great shape all year long

Why Pool Care Is Important During The Winter

The seasons are known for their distinct characteristics, and so is pool maintenance. The differences between winter and summer pool maintenance can be the difference between a clean and easy summer or a summer of playing catch up and frustration!

This is why it is important to care for your pool during winter. The cold winter weather can be difficult on your pool’s equipment, especially when the ice starts melting. As a result, you may find yourself experiencing a cracked pipe or a leak in your pool’s liner! Don’t let the start of summer be difficult on you and your family! Winter closings and maintenance can be a solution for pool owners to start their summer fun before everyone else!

How To Care For Your Pool

  • The Cover Keep the water cleaner by keeping debris out of it entirely. Using a pool cover, however, does not come without it’s own maintenance. Make sure it stays clean, and that the water is entirely covered. Keep in mind that you’ll need to access the water in order to check levels, freezes and chemicals.
  • The Pump Pumps in the summer are absolutely crucial to a successful season, so it’s really no surprise that they’re just as critical in the winter. This means taking care of them, cleaning them as you would in the summer and even occasionally running them during the course of the off season. You especially want to look out for freezing parts! Remember it is ok to feel uncomfortable handling your pump.
  • The Chemicals Just because the pool isn’t being actively used doesn’t mean it should just sit with no attention at all. In fact you should be checking your pH balance, and maintaining regular chlorine levels all throughout winter. Primarily this is why we encourage the winterization of your pool, and if you haven’t done so yet it’s not too late we’d be happy to assist!
  • The Weather This one is a little harder to control and maintain, but by simply being more aware of what is happening in the environment around you can keep your pool exactly how you want it! Keeping track of freezes and abnormally warm days helps you stay ahead of the game.

There are plenty of opportunities to take during the winter to keep your pool in the best shape it could be before the summer. We aimed to cover the basics but if you have any questions we are always happy to help!


Source:Aqua Pool Serv.