Dr. Bhargava and her professional team at Exult Healthcare cordially invite the community of McKinney to their Open House on Friday, May 5th 2017 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Along with games, prizes and fun, there will be health-related activities to inform and educate attendees on numerous healthcare issues for prevention, treatment and overall health and wellness.

Since 2005, Dr. Bhargava has been in private practice in the Sherman and McKinney areas and recently established Exult Healthcare, serving as Medical Director and CEO. Successfully partnering with her patients, Exult Healthcare has become a truly integrated behavioral healthcare experience. Currently pursuing board certification in obesity medicine, Dr. Bhargava is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, specializing in both adult and geriatric psychiatry.

Depression is real.  Addiction is real.  Mental illness and addiction to drugs and alcohol does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, culture or religious affiliations.  It can and does affect people in all walks of life and throughout all ages.  Exult Healthcare is a new healthcare provider in McKinney offering a variety of treatment options for integrated health and wellness. 

What makes Exult Healthcare unique?  Exult offers the option for people to receive truly integrated behavioral healthcare at one location.  People struggling with addiction can benefit from individual and group psychotherapy, but they might need medication support during treatment to help reduce cravings.  A person struggling with depression may be on medication, but might need the support of a therapist.  Or perhaps a person with depression has started self-medicating with drugs and/or alcohol and could benefit from addiction treatment.  People who struggle with their weight can have low self-esteem and depression and might benefit from receiving individual therapy while they are participating in dietary or nutritional counseling.  A person who has depression and has found no relief through medications or therapy might benefit from Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS.)  In the “traditional” model of treatment, a person might get treatment at four or more healthcare providers to address all of their needs. 

How do you decide what treatment options are best for you and whether you or a loved one can benefit from integrated behavioral healthcare?  Knowing a little more about each service and who provides the service is a good starting point. 

  • An Intensive Outpatient Program or “IOP” is a structured interactive training program provided in a group setting for nine hours every week, with each patient receiving one additional hour of individual therapy.  IOP programs follow a structured curriculum which is taught by licensed therapists.
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an FDA approved treatment for Major Depressive Disorder that is non-invasive and does not use medication.  The NeuroStar equipment that Exult utilizes delivers focalized magnetic pulses to the area of the brain that has been shown in clinical studies to be “underactive” in patients with depression.  This treatment is administered by qualified personnel daily over six weeks under the medical supervision of Dr. Bhargava.
  • Individual therapy is provided to patients by licensed therapists.
  • Nutritional services are provided by a Registered and Licensed Dietitian.

Exult Healthcare wraps all of these services into one location for adults and adolescents.  Services that are available include TMS, individual psychotherapy, nutritional counseling, medical weight loss, as well as intensive outpatient programs (IOP) for Substance Use Disorders, Mood Disorders, and Binge Eating Disorders.  Exult Healthcare is located in the same building as Dr. Bhargava’s psychiatric practice, so patients who need medications can also receive that service at the same location.