Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa Adopts Philosophy of Wholistic Health

MCKINNEY, Texas – A new philosophy is taking hold at Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa, paving a particular path of encouragement and community rarely seen in the fitness industry: one of wholistic health, individualized improvement, and, ultimately, a pure focus on each member’s well-being.  

Working in tandem with the high-end facility’s mantra, “We Fit Well,” the guiding theme of well-being pulls together Craig Ranch Fitness’ long list of services into an all-encompassing journey that helps members not only achieve their fitness goals, but also tend to their mental health, physical health, nutrition, sleep, recovery, relief and more. Together, we will build each member’s customized experience to bring them a wholly fulfilling lifestyle. 

"We care about them as a whole,” said General Manager Jason Gann, referring to the club’s members. “When we talk about well-being, it’s awareness. It’s making sure we’re listening to them and we are going to take their individual needs into consideration and help build the plan that’s going to be best for them.” 

The philosophy and action behind it are groundbreaking for the industry, Gann said. Most fitness facilities tend to be large and sprawling corporate chains or hyper-focused, niche programs, like cycle studios or CrossFit. The former is hindered by size, Gann said; individuals get lost in the shuffle and any change toward more wholistic services moves broadly and slowly. The latter rarely move beyond their core curriculum.  

Craig Ranch’s scale and offerings, diverse yet intimate, allow it to do what others can’t: use their expansive array of services to cater to all members on a human-first, individual level.  

"There’s an opportunity there where we can really do some good,” Gann said. “The well-being approach is everything that we offer here. We’re not just a fitness center. We’re not just a kids’ center. We’re not just a restaurant or a café. We really put all those things together. … (That) aspect of everything is what can allow us to further separate ourselves from the competition and tailor our approach to the needs of our community.” 

Ultimately, the heart of our program rests in compassion for community both within and beyond the club's walls. It’s a mindset that inspires growing together, and then sharing that growth with our neighbors.  

"It’s such a deeper, more impactful mission to us than just talking about fitness,” Gann said.  



Craig Ranch Fitness & Spa, North Texas’ premiere destination for fitness and health, is on a mission to walk with its members as individuals, helping each reach a wholly fulfilling lifestyle and sense of well-being.  

The club’s 80,000-square-foot facility and eight-acre property offer one of the most diverse and comprehensive lists of amenities on the market, including indoor and outdoor running tracks, functional training equipment, pickleball and tennis courts, dozens of group exercise classes a week, extensive personal training programs, recovery center, full-service spa, on-site Youth Center, and aquatic classes housed in the region’s only Olympic-size swimming pool. We fit well, and we become better together.  

For more information on the facility and its programs, visit or connect with the club on Facebook and Instagram.