If I had more energy I would_________.

Finish the sentence.

During C-pandemic I stopped working out. 

I started eating and drinking more. 

Started having all kinds of cravings. 

That led to bloating and feeling like crap. 

I started sleeping less. 

My energy was waaaaaaaay down. 

💦In my head I was going to gym "tomorrow", I was going to kick some butt and be fit again. We'll tomorrow didn't come for many months.

Because midday I was so freakin' tired that I couldn't even think about the gym.

When I did drag myself there, I was be even more tired afterwards and didn't want to do ANYTHING, but sit on the couch.
Kind of defeats the purpose of working out, right?

I had to take another approach to get more energy and dig myself out of this energesless- hole. 

🌟One of the things that I did is I worked on my lymphatic system....hear me out, I won't get too geeky on you 🙂

Our lymph's are our bodies trash cans, you need to clean them out. 


Do not take your trash out for few days and keep piling up more on top  🤢.

That's what was happening inside my body. The lack of exercise lead to an accumulation of toxins in muscles. 

RESULT.... LOTS of energy and feeling amazing!

My bruising on my back is from massage/ cupping.

Anissa got all that stuff moving and grooving. 

Here is what I did:


1.  Massage with oils or lotion daily, especially after a shower!

2.  Meditate to reduce stress...on days that I had zero energy I'd fall asleep 🙂  Stress affects everything negatively, even lymphatic system. 


3. I'd walk up and down the steps or just down the street. I'd park a car further from the store and walk. Whole body movement is a must. 

4. Water! I'd flavor it with Vitality drops and I drank 3-4 30 oz Yeti cups


5. Monthly massage with the professionals. I made sure that she can work based on my needs vs doing a relaxing massage. Plus she does cupping 🙂 .

6. I flooded my body with nutrients, so it can heal itself.

That was the beginning of my change. 
Step 2 was colon cleanse, you can read about that goodness here.