A second app from The Cooper Institute is now available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows mobile devices, developed specifically for those who want to make healthy changes to their lifestyle. Best of all – the app is free.

Eat Better. Move More. Live Well.

Simple words of advice, correct? But how do you put these behaviors into action – even when you're not sure you are ready to change them? The Today I Will app helps you take a personal approach to adopting healthier lifestyle habits. Its goal is to meet you where you are with regard to changing an eating, moving and/or living behavior and then provides you with help to go from there.

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Traditionally, a "one-size-fits-all" approach has been used to help people make changes to their lifestyle and have typically been limited to deciding on what you want to change and then trying to change it without much planning or development of the skills needed to make such changes. Some success may be reached but typically the results are short-lived. The approach taken by Today I Will emphasizes planning and skill development so that changes made will be lasting!

The purpose of the Today I Will app is to take all of the information and tools from the Today I Will website and put it in a format that you can access right at your fingertips. You will start each day with a simple question: Where Am I Today? And based on your response, you will be provided with targeted science-based, behavioral strategies, tips and tools to help you eat better, move more and live well.

Cooper’s first app, CIFit, was designed for health and fitness professionals. The Cooper Institute Today I Will app is designed for everyone.

For more information, visit cooperinstitute.org/todayiwillapp.