Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be frightening and somewhat overwhelming. Cancer can be emotionally and physically taxing on patients and their family, and the treatment process and healthcare system can also get confusing at times.

At the Medical Center of McKinney, when you receive a cancer diagnosis, you don’t have to face your questions or your outpouring of feelings alone.

An Oncology Navigator can help you understand your diagnosis, answer your questions, and provide assistance to you and your loved ones based on your individual needs.

The Job of a Cancer Navigator

Meet Mesha Randall, Medical Center of McKinney’s Oncology Patient Navigator.

Randall has worked with patients diagnosed with many types of cancer. She has a background in social work and nursing, allowing her to work with patients on an emotional support level as well as help them understand and maneuver the healthcare system and treatment process.

“I enjoy helping people manage their way through the health care system and I thrive on opportunities to provide educational information about diagnosis and treatment,” she says. “Throughout each patient’s journey, my goal is to be there as they face a cancer diagnosis and to offer a steady flow of emotional support and encouragement.”

The Oncology Patient Navigator program at the Medical Center of McKinney provides the following services for free:

  • Guiding you through the healthcare system
  • Helping you understand your diagnosis and options for treatment
  • Introducing you to the members of your healthcare team and explaining their roles in your cancer care program
  • Helping you make appointments and preparing you for your appointments, including reviewing questions you should ask
  • Providing you with community resources and other support services
  • Assisting with any other individual needs

How can the Oncology Patient Navigator Program benefit you and your loved ones?

  • Increase your satisfaction with your healthcare experience
  • Prevent missed or delayed appointments
  • Provide improved access to services and information
  • Help you better understand your diagnosis
  • Reduce stress by setting up appointments and healthcare services for you

For more information about Medical Center of McKinney’s Patient Navigator Program, contact Mesha Randall at or call 972-540-4388.