The Often Forgotten Item to Clean

McKINNEY, TX - With everything going on in today’s world it is easy to overlook the benefits of clean carpets. The emergence of a new and deadly virus has business owners making sure that they are doing all they can to protect their employees. Employers are making sure that surfaces such as door handles, keyboards, computer mouse, desktops, etc. are clean and disinfected; however, they are missing out on one important office item…carpets.

Most people do not realize that when carpets are dirty not only do they look bad to the customers/clients but they are hurting their employees as well. Carpets can house a variety of items such as spilled drinks/food or dust, but also bacteria and germs. Dirty carpets can enflame allergies and cause sickness which in turn can reduce employee production. With the emergence of COVID, it is important to make sure that not only the surfaces we can see are disinfected but that areas we cannot, such as carpet, are as well.