Rick's Chophouse in Historic Downtown McKinney strives to present simple yet refined dishes to its guests every day.

We share our love for food, hospitality and even our recipes -- so why not a few of our wine pairing tips as well?

As the weather warms, our thoughts on pairings turn to refreshing white wines that are perfect for summer. Our staff is quite fond of two well-known international varietals, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. 

We look to northeast Italy for some classic representations of Pinot Grigio. These light, fresh wines provide white peach, green apple and slight mineral notes with a dry finish that make them versatile. Look to simple dishes such as lightly dressed salads, fresh fruits, shellfish and light butter sauces for classic pairings.

A favorite of ours is a rich expression from the Veneto producer Masi Masianco. With this selection, the grapes are slightly dried prior to pressing the juice to provide a wine with the richness of Chardonnay and notes of honey-baked peach and white floral tones that perfectly match a dish such as our Chilean Sea Bass with citrus butter.

For crowd-pleasing Sauvignon Blanc, look no further than New Zealand’s Marlborough district and Kim Crawford. These bright, dry wines provide fresh grapefruit, lemon zest, and herbaceous notes of chive and cut grass making them perfect aperitifs. 

For a traditional style look to France’s Langlois-Chateau from Sancerre for an elegant, mineral-laden wine that matches perfectly with goat cheese, shrimp cocktail, scallops or lean poultry.


About the Author: Ian Whitcomb is a certified sommelier and seasoned server at Rick’s Chophouse.