We all know you want to impress your friends and family if you are hosting this Holiday season.

We all know you want to impress your friends and family if you are hosting this Holiday season, so our Performance Painting Team put together a few things you can complete within budget and on time.


  1. Repainting your front door and other entry way doors:

During the Holidays, first impressions matter. While repainting the entire exterior of your home can make it shine and look like new, that isn't in everyone’s budget. However another project that we recommend is painting entryway doors. Over time these can become faded so giving it a fresh look with a color that compliments your home will give a great first impression when friends and family first walk up. 


  1. Painting the trim of your wall:

When you have a lot of people over to your home, things can get crowded, which is why painting the trim of your wall the same color as the wall itself can help open things up. How is that?

Your ceiling appears much higher when you paint the trim because it helps the wall blend in with your trim and baseboards. If you want it to still stand out our consultants recommend adding gloss to the finish.


  1. Dimensional Accent Wall Design or Wall Treatments

Holiday meals are some of the most important memories. It is finally the time in the night where you get to sit down, relax, eat some amazing food, and have great conversations. This is usually in a formal dining room/area. Updating your wall design can make the room feel more unique and stand out from the rest.

There are many options to choose from including dimensional, wainscoting, panel molding, chair rail, shiplap, and many more custom ideas to make this room stand out and recieve compliments during lunch or dinner.

Our painting and remodeling consultants will meet with you to provide ideas on the design and color to make this room shine. Making you excited to ditch the kitchen and enjoy the meal you spent so much time cooking.


Need help deciding which home update or remodeling project you want to tackle before the holidays? Call us at 972-360-8042 or visit our website at performancepaintingtx.com to learn about our company, team, and how we can help you have your friends and family walk into a home that shines!

If you decide to reach out for one of these ideas, mention code: McKinney Online, and we will give you 5% off any job worth $500 or more.

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