Dress up your look with a braid or twist. Here are six styles to try this season. Whether you use these looks for a holiday party or to liven up an everyday outfit, they’ll add a punch of style to your appearance.

Special thanks to hairstylists Lauren Reagan Nimmons (of Salon at the Ritz) and Janelle Williams.

McKinney Magazine - Never-Ending Braid

Never-Ending Braid

Start with a large circle of hair in the middle of the head. Section it off into a rubber band with a ponytail in the middle, leaving hair around the hairline. Take one piece from the ponytail section and incorporate pieces into the French braid all around the hairline until you’ve reached where you started. Tuck the end underneath the braid and secure it with bobby pins and hairspray.


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McKinney Magazine - “Elsa Braid” With a Twist

“Elsa Braid” With a Twist

Create a partial up-do, then tease and crisscross sections of hair starting at the crown. From the middle of the head down, French braid the remainder of the hair. This take on the “Elsa Braid” is perfect for fine hair.


McKinney Magazine - Embellished Never-Ending Braid

Embellished Never-Ending Braid

It’s easy to subtly change one of these looks to create a whole new style. This is a version of the Never-Ending Braid, using a smaller ponytail on the top of the head and keeping the braid higher in a tighter circle. Add an embellishment such as a headband or a sparkly necklace, as pictured, to give a crown effect.


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McKinney Magazine - Wrapped Dutch Braid

Wrapped Dutch Braid

Spray the hair to add texture, especially if it’s fine. Do an inside-out French braid that wraps around the back of the head and is secured with bobby pins and/or a rubber band underneath. Curl the loose hair with a curling iron. Use your fingers to pick out the braid. (Pull on the hair like you’re tying a bow.) This gives the braid volume and makes it messier, which contrasts really well with the curls. Finish with hairspray.


• • •

McKinney Magazine - Faux French Braid Twist

Faux French Braid Twist

Section off about 1.5 inches of hair per twist. Twist starting at the front of the head and add in pieces as you go. Secure with bobby pins. Repeat on either side until you’ve pulled back as much hair as you like. Loosely curl the hair left down, and spray.


McKinney Magazine - Double Twist Fishtail Updo

Double Twist Fishtail Updo

Take the top section from ear to ear and tie it half up with a rubber band. Next, split it above the rubber band and flip it inside out. Take the rest of the hair to one side and repeat the inside out flip, creating an illusion of double twists. Finish with a fishtail braid and a clear rubber band.


• • •

McKinney Magazine - Five Minute Tuck

Five Minute Tuck

Use a comb to “rat” the hair at the crown of the head. Spray with hairspray to add texture and help the hair hold. Place a headband over the crown of the head. (One with elastic on the underside will hold best.) Tuck the hair up and into the headband, leaving a few pieces out to soften the look. Use bobby pins to help secure the tuck, and spray. To create more volume on the top, as shown, pull up on the hair inside the headband.


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About the author: Caitlin Skidmore is a McKinney-based writer, style coach and creator of Greater Than Rubies. You can contact her at caitlin@greaterthanrubies.net.