Yoga boasts incredible benefits, including more energy, increased muscle tone and improved athletic performance. But it can be a little intimidating for newcomers.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started with confidence.


McKinney Online - Yoga Gear

Purchase yoga and workout pieces that are versatile and well-constructed. Choose a few tanks and several lengths of pants (just below the knee, mid-calf and ankle length are popular options) that will mix and match. Look for pieces that are comfortable but form-fitting to avoid showing too much skin while striking a pose.

For ultimate versatility, pick a color or two you love and buy pieces in those color families. Stick to patterned or dark colored fabrics, such as black and gray, if you prefer to hide sweat marks. For example, this black tank with pink piping works great with a pair of black yoga pants, as well as the skirt with attached shorts (above or at left).

Be sure the items you choose are breathable. Jersey, bamboo and fabrics that wick sweat away are great options. Skip fabrics that are too slick or you may have a tough time holding poses.




McKinney Online - Yoga Gear

Most health clubs and yoga studios provide mats to use, but if you want to purchase one, look for a mat that fits your preferences. Mats vary in thickness and grip, so you may want to test drive a few before making a choice. You can also opt for socks designed specifically for yoga, with grips on the bottom.


McKinney Online - Yoga Gear

If you’re planning to attend a hot yoga class, you’ll definitely want a small towel to dry off periodically, and a water bottle is a must. For an environmentally friendly option, choose one made of metal or glass. Be sure to check the location you’ll be attending, as some have banned glass containers.


McKinney Online - Yoga Gear

To keep hair out of your face during a class, opt for a headband with a grip on the underside to keep it from slipping out of place. Choose one that shows off your personality: neon, patterned and sparkly options are everywhere.

Shop for yoga gear at local stores, such as Play It Again Sports, Clothes Mentor or Walmart. Sizing varies by designer, so be sure to try on several options to find the best fit.


About the author: Caitlin Skidmore is a McKinney-based writer and style coach. She is the creator of Greater Than Rubies, where she teaches people how to make the most of their closets. You can contact her at