By: i9 Sports

Youth Sports for a Busy Family!

By: Isaiah Rojas

            There is just not enough time in the day! No matter what you do, where you work, or what your family dynamic is like we can always use more time. More time with the kids, more time with my spouse or simply more time alone!

Right now the average American Family in Youth Sports is investing 10-12 hours a week towards their child’s sports experience (Huffington Post, 2015). This does not take Club or Select teams into account, which can have commitments of 14-20 hours a week (Huffington Post, 2015)!

At i9 Sports we found that there was a large percentage of parents that wanted their kids in sports, but did not have the ability or interest in committing 10+ hours a week for driving to the field, watching practices, and watching games. There may be many reasons for not wanting that type of commitment, which we listed some of those below.

  1. Busy work schedule or career
  2. Single Parent Family
  3. Financial commitment associated (travel, league fees, coach fees, etc.)
  4. Multiple child families
  5. Other interests and hobbies outside of sports (music, school, clubs, etc.)
  6. Kids or Parents are not HUGE sports families, but still interested in sports
  7. Child is new to sports and unsure about a full-time commitment


For these families and for these reasons (and others), i9 Sports created the 1-Day a Week Program with Practice and Games on the same day (Saturday/Sunday Only). This way parents who understand the potential benefits of sports (sportsmanship, teamwork, social skills, health, etc.) can have a place to play and juggle everything else the family does or wants to do.

As much as we love sports and believe in its ability to change a life, we know that it is only a part of a healthy family and child.

So, what would you do with 10 extra hours per week? Would you have more time playing with your kids, help more with school work, finally have a date night with your spouse, volunteer more, exercise, or maybe just have the time to make a healthy meal and enjoy it over a good family conversation?

Whatever you decide is best for your family, we are grateful that we have the opportunity to be a small part of that family experience and hopefully make Family Life just a little bit easier every week!

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