The Texas Legends will honor the country’s true legends on Saturday, Jan. 26, by joining with the American Fallen Soldier Project to recognize soldiers who lost their lives defending America’s freedom. The Legends will also wear military-themed jerseys for the night, thanks to the generosity of

“Our focus is to put the spotlight on people making a difference in the community,” Texas Legends owner Donnie Nelson said. “No one makes as big a difference in our communities as those who sacrificed their lives defending our freedoms.”

During halftime, the American Fallen Soldier Project will present the family of a fallen soldier with a portrait of their lost loved one. Phil Taylor paints each portrait based off a photo the family chooses.

“We have three tenets that we work with toward our projects,” American Fallen Soldier Project co-founder Lisa Taylor said. “The first is to honor the serviceman and his sacrifice. The second is to honor their family.

“And the third is to remind Americans of the sacrifice they made to protect our freedom. The ways we do that is to have public presentations. It helps remind everybody and it also opens their heart a little bit to where they recognize it and put a face to the name. There is a little blurb that goes on TV for less than 15 seconds on Sunday mornings when they scroll across. We’re trying to put a face to the name and help people realize that these are real people, real families, real impact and how they should be proud to be an American.”


The family will be named as “Legends of the Night” at midcourt before the game, all members of the armed forces in the audience will be recognized, and the Legends will wear camouflage, though the design intended to hide one from view will do the exact opposite when contrasted against the basketball hardwood. The jerseys will be provided by

“I was never in the military, so I found that I really enjoy doing stuff for our military, and this was an area that probably would go unnoticed more than anything else,” President Kevin Hodes said. “Here is an organization that is doing really good things to help bring home a hero who died in service to his country.”

Hodes has been involved with the American Fallen Soldier Project for years, dating back to the days it was known as the Texas Fallen Soldier Project.

“Phil [Taylor] is doing something to really help a family,” Hodes said. “When Phil does what he does, you just know that there could be some peace for that family. Being able to have a venue like this to help them further their cause, because they’re an organization that only does everything through donations, that’s important for us.”

The Legends face the Idaho Stampede at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 26, at Dr Pepper Arena in Frisco.

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