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Focusing on what we can control: Effort and Sportsmanship!

Before every season with my leagues, I have a meeting with coaches and parents. This season the topic of proper spectator and coach support was on my mind, which took me back to how my Dad supported me…

 Let’s just say there were a lot of games he was escorted off the field and had to watch me play from the parking lot!!

For most parents (not all) they are looking for results, in their child’s sports experience. We are a result-focused culture and as adults, we are paid, evaluated, and positioned based on our results. So it’s no surprise that we look for that same thing from our kids on the sports field or sports court.

Parents want their kids to get better, the team to get better, to have more wins than the last season and to have observable results. But the great thing about sports is its unpredictability and the idea that anything can happen. This is ESPECIALLY true when it comes to youth sports, but somehow as adults, we forget that!

All we can expect is effort and a positive attitude!

Looking back at my supporters, I came to the realization that all we can expect is effort and attitude. Which means as parents that is what we should support, reward and encourage. Performance on the field comes and goes, at every level, but especially in youth sports. No matter how hard we try, parents can not impact the outcome of the game, although they try!

So for your next season, instead of cheering when your kids succeed or yelling and groaning when they fail, I challenge you to focus on two things; effort and attitude. These are two things that our players can always control and two things that should be expected when participating in sports.

Imagine how great it would be watching your child’s team play and hearing parents praise sportsmanship, and praise effort only. Imagine a game without a parent or coach yelling at a kid about the performance and outcome of the play or game.

We should cheer effort and sportsmanship, regardless of its outcome!

If we can focus on effort and sportsmanship, then we know that in time performance will soon follow. More importantly, our kids will know that they have full control over their sports experience, how to handle success and failure, and the importance of giving your all in everything you do!

By: Isaiah Rojas

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