UPDATE: Johnny Quinn's four-man bobsled team – United States 2 – finished 12th overall in the final standings for the four-man bobsled event. USA 2's times for Sunday's final two runs were 55.97 (third run) and 55.64 (final run).

The other sled, United States 1, won the bronze, finishing third with a final time total of 3:40.99. Russia (gold) and Latvia (silver) won the other two medals. Click here for the final results in the four-man bobsled event.

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McKinney’s resident Olympian Johnny Quinn was in Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics, Feb. 6-23.

Quinn served as a push man for the four-man bobsled piloted by Nick Cunningham. Team USA entered two teams in the men's four-man bobsled event.

Quinn's United States 2 bobsled results:

Saturday, Feb. 22: Run 1 of 4: 55.61, 13th place.

Saturday, Feb. 22: Run 2 of 4: 55.48, 1:51.09 total, 11th place.

Saturday, Feb 23: Run 3 of 4: 55.97, 2:47.06 total, 12th place.

Saturday, Feb 23: Run 4 of 4: 55.64, 3:42.70 total, 12th place (did not medal).

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Quinn’s Facebook page includes photos of his teammates from the Opening Ceremonies to present day.

Quinn has also been tweeting in Sochi. Click here to follow his comments.

USA Bobsled/Skeleton’s two-minute “Meet Johnny Quinn” video can be viewed here where he talks about the glory of participating in the “world’s greatest stage.”

Quinn was the keynote speaker at the McKinney Chamber of Commerce’s New Teacher Welcome Breakfast held last Aug. 14 at McKinney Boyd High School. Click here to read about the event.

Click here to read “A Competitor Still”, Quinn’s feature in the September 2013 issue of McKinney Magazine.

U.S. Representative Sam Johnson of Texas applauded Quinn for his perseverance, hard work and dedication. Click here to read more.

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