McKinney Olympian Mary Killman has made it to the finals after the preliminary round Sunday with synchronized-swimming partner Mariya Koroleva.

"Made it to Finals!" Killman wrote on her Facebook page. "We're in 10th place, 2nd draw tomorrow after France. Wish us luck!"

The Americans were 10th in a field of 24 duet teams. Only those teams that finished in the top 13 places qualified for the finals.

On Sunday, Killman wrote more about her 2012 Olympic Games experience on, saying, "Well everyone, hope a bunch of people tuned into NBC to watch Mariya and I start off the Olympic Games for Synchronized Swimming! What a rush! I can't explain the energy that I felt as I walked out on deck.

"But before that, we had a bunch of practice! We started out the day bright and early, alarms going off at 5:45 so that we could be hitting the water by 7:15. We had a short practice with music in the Competition pool."

The young women were ready to compete when they made it to the staging room where they awaited the actual competition at 3 p.m. London time. Killman wrote that time had flown by.

"Then the music started, and we hit the water," Killman blogged. "We went through the entire routine, and hearing the cheers every time we came up was amazing. There were so many people behind the judges in the stands that you couldn't pick out just one person. It was a mass of colored dots.

"At the end, I could take it all in. We were done! The slow-mo replay at the end showed one of our elements looking amazing, so we both had a huge smile on our face as we walked up to get our scores."

Killman also Tweeted a picture of her parents, Jerry and Bonnie Killman, and supporters cheering while holding an American flag. "I love my parents!! (and mariya's mom and lil' bro)," she Tweeted. "So glad they could be here to cheer me and Mariya on!"

The duet synchronized swimming free routine will be decided at 9 a.m. Central time on Tuesday.


About the author: Holly Becka is associate editor of McKinney Magazine.