I began this letter – as I do every issue – struggling with the opener. I’ve been doing this a while and the purpose is pretty straight forward: reference articles within this spine as they relate to McKinney. This month though, brilliance kicks in ... I’ll honor Oktoberfest by starting in German. But my excitement quickly transformed to panic when I realize that the only German left after four years with Frau Po­nos in high school is, “Möchten sie eine tasse kaffee oder tee?” So I do what any linguist would do. I turn to Google Translate.

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What happened next is why I mention this. The “ring for service bell” at the front desk chimes and jolts me from my focus, so I dart to the lobby to help. I immediately detect a German accent as William Roth with Justice Courier Services, a 28-year Chamber member, asks about his renewal. Not only did Mr. Roth agree to proof my letter for me, but I learned a bit more about one of our amazing members. He speaks four languages, served in the U.S. military for 30 years after moving from Switzerland and now operates a 24-hour courier business.

Why would I start my letter in German? Oktoberfest, of course! If you haven’t been yet, find time to make it this year. It’s easier than ever, Historic Downtown McKinney has extended the event to three days. Thousands of guests will wander the streets enjoying traditional German cuisine, family activities and more than 130 unique specialty restaurants and shops. Help us celebrate – Gemütlichkeit!

Exciting things also are in store for McKinney Magazine. John Dugan has joined McKinney Magazine as the Director of Business Development. His rich history of economic development and community engagement is already benefiting the businesses we serve.

Chuck Grimes has been with us as Associate Editor for nearly two years and continues to work on keeping our visitors updated with news and community events on McKinneyOnline.com. His experience as a journalist and editor has been essential in delivering timely and accurate information.

Emily Martinez has also joined our editorial team. She brings years of communications, journalism and photography expertise to the table. Her impact is already visible in the pages of this issue.

Last, but not least, Charming Ink, our production partner, has been designing beautiful pages of editorial and powerful advertising for us since 2012. Lachelle Via is the designer responsible for bringing exciting trends and innovative aesthetics to the pages of each issue.

I love what I do, but when a German-speaking Swiss native shows up at my office at a time like this, I realize it’s really more of a calling and perhaps it’s time to start playing the lottery. (By the way, I happen to have Swiss roots.)

Email us at McMag@McKinneyChamber.com with feedback, questions and story ideas and for details about advertising. But in the meantime, visit McKinneyOnline.com to learn more about us.

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McKinney Scene 6 Places to Go, Games to Play 42
Game Changer for MISD 8 Health Care Directory 47
MISD Football Calendar 14 Buy Local: Get Your Game On 55
Tennis in McKinney 16 How To: Balloon Avalanche 58
PSA McKinney at Gabe Nesbitt 24 Chamber Focus: Sustaining Members 62
Pizza, the Disc of Delight 26 Index of Advertisers 63
Injury Prevention 34 Community Calendar 64