Frisco resident Andrew Frakes, a pro golfer and member of the Callaway X Hot Long Drive team, was confident he could break the Guinness World Record for most 300-yard-plus drives in one hour.

"While 272 is very impressive, I believe that 300-320 is possible," he said.

Frakes didn't hit that mark Aug. 7 from the No. 10 tee at TPC Craig Ranch in McKinney ... he demolished it, finishing the hour with 448 balls going at least 300 yards.

"Andrew is a special young man," said Dave Frakes, Andrew's father. "And to say I'm proud of him is an understatement."

The world record, which is on video and awaiting confirmation from the United Kingdom-based Guinness organization, was under siege quickly as Frakes started at 9 a.m. and fired shots off every 5.5 seconds. With the Golf Channel in attendance, Frakes hit 100 balls of at least 300 yards in the first 12 minutes of his attempt. The balls were continually set on the tee by Frakes' brother Brandon.

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