Summertime in McKinney means that I often close down the kitchen and head outside to grill. Whether grilling your favorite protein such as chicken or ribs, or grilling a batch of fresh vegetables from the Farmers Market, they all taste better with a little finishing sauce.

I have included my favorite homemade sauces and dry-rub, but if you want to make it even easier, head downtown to Loco Cowpoke at 206 E. Louisiana St. Owners Randy and Jeanine Abshier are more than happy to share their knowledge and lead you in the right direction. They carry hundreds of high-quality products, all made in Texas. Many are available to taste, so if you are a fan of spicy, vinegar, mustard or fruit-based sauces then head downtown and try them out.

Dry Rub

  4 Tbsp. brown sugar
  2 Tbsp. chile powder
  1 Tbsp. paprika (smoked paprika may be used)
  ½ tsp. cayenne pepper
  ½ tsp. salt
  ½ tsp. pepper

The dry rub should be generously sprinkled onto your meat and then rubbed in. It works best if applied a few hours before grilling. Because of the sugar, it will burn if put over a hot grill. For example, with ribs I cook at 250-275° for 1-1½ hours before adding a wet sauce and grilling on a hot grill.


About the author: Debbie Denissen writes about food for McKinney Magazine.