A Few Tips For Saving Your Hard-Earned Money

There seem to be as many theories on when to buy flights as there are flights themselves. Hopefully, this article will help you make some sense out of all the hype.

Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation studied BILLIONS of flights and found that the best day to buy an airline ticket is Sunday - especially if you’re booking 21 days in advance. The study says that you can save up to 17% on US travel and 30% on Europe, if you buy tickets on a Sunday. In a separate study, CheapAir.com says the optimal lead time for saving on international flights is 99 days.

Want to head home to see the family at Thanksgiving? If you want to pay less than $500, AAA says you should buy anytime between now and just before Halloween. And according to Expedia, the best days to travel are either Thanksgiving Day or the Monday before.

How about for Christmas? Flight analyst website Hopper.com says Halloween is also a good time to buy flights for Christmas… and they claim the absolute last day to get a great deal on a flight home for Christmas is December 8.

Safe travels!