“Let’s get a dog!”

“Please, please, please, can we get a puppy?”

You’ve decided your family needs a furry family member, but which dog is right for your child?
If you do your homework, a pup can be a wonderful addition to a family. Often, caring for a pup teaches children responsibility. A pup can be your child’s best friend. Dogs add a different kind of energy to a household. 

1.    For the last 31 years, the Labrador Retriever has been the most popular breed in America. For active children, a Lab is a great choice because they like to run, play, swim, and hike. A child will not have a better friend than a Lab. In addition, Labs are smart, so they are easy to train. What busy parent wouldn’t love that? Other great choices for active kids would be a Beagle, Boxer, or Irish Setter.
2.    Is your child autistic or have other special needs? Then a Golden Retriever may be a great companion because Goldens are typically affable, intuitive and have a calming demeanor.
3.    Does your child have allergies? Then a Poodle would be a good fit for your family since they are hypoallergenic. Poodles can do anything a lab can do. Poodles are devoted to their human families.
4.    If you have a toddler, consider a Bulldog, because they are low maintenance. Bulldogs require a brisk walk (not in hot weather) and cleaning of their wrinkles but that’s about it. They are not typically aggressive.
5.    Do you have a bookworm in the family? A French Bulldog could be the ideal furry companion. They require two brisk walks a day (not in hot weather) and then they like to “veg out” and relax.
6.    Is your child a fun-loving kid? Consider a Corgi. This breed is happy, happy, happy. 
7.    Is there a mischievous kid in your family? A fantastic partner-in-crime would be a Border Collie. They are easy to train but they are smart, leading to a life of crime.
8.    Maybe your child is serious? Consider the laid-back Basset Hound. Basset Hounds are low-key pups, good with all ages and other dogs. They are affectionate with humans and have a bit of stature about them.