From rainbow trout to largemouth bass, McKinney is home to several ponds and lakes that are full of a variety of fish.

So if you're looking for a new fishing spot, you’ll want to check out this list of the best places to fish in the McKinney area. 

Towne Lake Recreation Area

The Towne Lake Recreation Area is a family friendly space that features a 22 acre lake with a fishing pier. Texas Parks and Wildlife regularly stocks this lake with different kinds of fish. The lake was last stocked in 2019 with rainbow trout, but has been previously stocked with channel catfish, Florida largemouth bass, and coppernose bluegill. Like most of the fishing spots in McKinney, this lake has a catch-and-release policy. 

Serenity Park 

Serenity Park is a quiet spot that features a 2-acre fishing pond with a pier. Texas Parks and Wildlife recently stocked the pond with fingerling size channel catfish in 2014. If you choose to fish here, be sure to abide by the park’s catch-and-release policy. In addition to a fishing pier, this small park has a picnic shelter, a playground, and a biking trail. 

Katherine B. Winniford Park

Katherine B. Winniford Park features a two-and-a-half-acre pond that is stocked with adult size rainbow trout. The pond was most recently stocked in 2017. This park also has a catch-and-release policy. Fish gather in the park’s man-made creek, making it a great place to try and cast your line.

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