Many couples have asked themselves, should we keep planning our wedding with everything that is going on?  If you’ve had a financial crisis because of the pandemic, of course you may need to put a hold on your plans.  If not, then we definitely suggest moving forward. Here are a couple reasons why.

Right now, in the DFW area, our March and April couples are rescheduling their weddings. Some May couples may end up rescheduling as well.  Most are rescheduling for the summer or fall of 2020, but some are pushing back into 2021.  If you are planning for a wedding between now and the summer of 2021, you have some competition for dates, whether it be for a venue or a vendor.  If you want your preferred date, now is definitely the time to start locking these services in.
Another reason is the availability of venues and vendors to meet!  Typically, everyone is busy in the evening or on a weekend due to working events. Right now, vendors are much more available and flexible in their schedules for meetings.  Video meetings are a must, so that makes it super easy for you to meet with vendors or tour spaces from the comfort of your home.  (Yes, venues are offering video tours!)
If you are in an area where you are staying at home to keep everyone safe, you can use any newfound time to pursue some of the items on your to do list.  Here are some to consider:
  • Shop for bridesmaid attire online, requesting swatches to see the true colors 
  • Finish collecting addresses and get updated contact info for all your guests
  • Creating and updating gift registries
  • Update your wedding website with fun facts, photos and information on you and your wedding party
  • Order items like your guestbook, pens, favors, etc
  • Organize your Pinterest board or collection of inspiration photos to use in your meetings with florists and décor vendors
Some meetings will need to be put off until you can meet in person, such as tastings with your caterer and bakery.  However, you can absolutely get on the radar with these vendors and ask them to notify you of the first available chance to taste their product.  In the meantime, you can still meet with them to discuss your weddings needs and ask for proposals.
One hard question some couples have asked us is how do we make sure to choose a venue or vendor that will still be here when my wedding day arrives?  While this concern is valid due to the downturn of events for the moment, it’s honestly a question you should always ask yourself when hiring someone to provide a service so far out.  Here’s a few things to know:
  • Always do your research to find reputable and professional vendors, but also ask your vendors about their back up plans.  (As your wedding planner, we do all of this work for you.)  
  • Wedding insurance is something to help cover costs should a vendor not be able to perform their contracted service.  We always advise our clients to talk to their insurance agents about what coverage is available.
  • Booking venues and vendors now gives them the cash flow to weather this current storm.  That’s exactly what they need to keep them and their staff working so they are at their best when it comes time for your special day.  Want to help them even more?  Refer your friends!   
As always, we are here to help with your planning needs, and we’d love to set up a video meeting to chat!  You can reach us here.