When you first start your Pinterest board, it could be WAY before the actual engagement or it could be right after you get engaged. Either way, you usually just pin random photos that you absolutely love so don't forget about that specific detail or style. That is a great way to get a feel for where your head is at style-wise and what trends you start to see throughout the board. When you start talking to vendors though, you need examples for them and this is when the real work starts - it is now time to organize your Pinterest board!

The first step to organizing your Pinterest board is to know what each vendor needs to see to make your vision come to life. For example, your bakery doesn't necessarily need to see what type of ceremony programs you are looking at.  If you are scrolling down the hundreds of pins to get to that one photo of a cake, you could need some organization in your life. Let's start by breaking it down by category - Colors, Floral, Tabletops, Attire & Beauty, Cake, Stationery & Signage, and Photography.

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At first, your board may be all over the place and that is totally fine! But you soon will have to hone it in so your wedding won't follow suit. A great first step may be to start with a board dedicated to your colors. I am sure you have seen pins with the color palette attached to the photo. Those are great! You can also just use regular photos where you love the shade of a specific element. If you have multiple photos make sure they are all cohesive.



You may think all flower photos can be translated across the board but it is a great idea to separate photos into three categories when it comes to floral inspiration. You can simply make three different boards or create sections within the board. The three categories should be Personals, Ceremony, and Reception. Personals should be bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, flower girl accessories, or anything that you want for the wedding party and family at your wedding. That way the florist will have a clear idea of what items are important to you and what style. Ceremony should include what pieces you want for your nuptials including arches or backdrops, as well as aisle markers. Finally, reception decor inspiration, which can include centerpieces but also don't forget special tables, entry decor, or even hanging pieces. By organizing your floral board, your meeting with the florist will be a lot smoother.



Besides your centerpiece, what else do you want on your tables? Candles, chargers, napkins, gold flatware? There are so many options it's good to have an idea so when you go to meet with your caterer or rental company you can show them what you were thinking!

Attire & Beauty

Like the floral category, you are going to want to have sections - Bride's Dress, Hair & Makeup, Bridesmaids Looks, and Groom & Groomsmen Looks. You want these separated so you can easily reference them and if they are separate boards, you can share them with the applicable people. You can have an array of styles to make sure it is right for each person.




How many tiers do you want? What kind of style are you thinking? Cakes have become so unique and creative you want to make sure you have some images to portray what you like or even what you don't like.  Don't forget to include photos or even a section devoted to a groom's cake if you want one!

Stationery & Signage

This is one that couples often miss! Signs are a great way to direct your guests in the right direction. Also, they can add to the overall aesthetic of the day. If you see a sign you love the style of or one that would be helpful for your wedding pin it!  This is also a great place to store those invitation and save the date photos you like.



In this section, you want photos to represent the style of photography you like as well as any poses you like. After pinning photos you like, you can start to get an idea of the style of photography you lare drawn to and thus help you look for photographer that you love. This also gives you a board you can show your photographer, after you hire them, to give them an idea of any expectations you have.


To give you an example of how your Pinterest board can be organized click HERE. This is a board we put together that you can reference when organizing your own.

We hope this gives you an idea of how to sort the photos you love on Pinterest and make it super simple to share with your wedding vendors. Organization is just one element that puts you on the right path to planning! If you feel like you need more help, please contact us and we can help even more.

Shawna Pilcher, Brand Ambassador at Each & Every Detail