Moving. Who likes to move? Come on, raise those hands. Yep, no hands. No one likes to move. While moving into a new home can be exciting, no one likes the actual task of moving. It’s expensive. It’s a lot of hard work. When you have pets, it can be even more stressful. How do you make a move less stressful for pets?

1.    Familiarize your pet with moving supplies. Collect some moving boxes ahead of your actual packing date. You need to desensitize your pet to boxes and the sound of packing tape. Let your pet get used to the presence of the boxes. Move them around your home. Let your pet explore them at his own pace. Open them up. 
2.    Keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible. Stick with regular feeding times and if you have a pup, walk at the regular walking time, and take her out for her usual potty breaks or evening playtime in the yard.
3.    Take your pup for walks in your new neighborhood. Obviously, if you are moving far away, this is not possible. If you are moving close by, taking your pup for walks in your new neighborhood will help him feel more acclimated and comfortable.
4.    On moving day, keep your pets in a quiet room with the door shut, or at a friend’s house. This will ensure that your cat or dog won’t get scared and try to make a quick getaway while the movers load up the truck.
5.    Does your move require a road trip? Prepare your pets by gradually acclimating them to their crates. First, place their food inside an open crate, and eventually have them eat their meals in the crate with the door shut.
6.    Pack essential supplies. Food, treats, medications, blanket, favorite toys, poop bags, litter box, and bottled water.
7.    On moving day, be sure your pets have identification on their collars. Also ensure their microchip is registered on your contact information is up to date.
8.    At your new home, take your pet into a room that already has a few familiar items and all the things he or she needs. Shut the door and give them time and space to explore the new surroundings.

Happy moving!