One person injured while attempting to put out the fire

McKINNEY, TX – The McKinney Fire Department (MFD) responded to a structure fire call early this morning located at 1912 Hackett Creek Dr. The home’s residents told firefighters that a mattress had caught fire.


The family got outside on their own and firefighters were able to rescue the family’s pets. One resident attempted to drag a burning mattress outside and required medical attention.


The home fire resulted in some fire damage and significant smoke damage. Fire investigators determined that the fire was started by a lithium battery phone charger that had been sitting on the bed.


Safety tips from the NFPA on lithium ion batteries and chargers:


  • Only use the charging cord that came with the device
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions
  • Do not charge a device under your pillow, on your bed or on a couch
  • Store batteries away from anything that can catch fire


“Stop using the battery if you notice an odor, change in color or shape, excessive heat, leaking or odd noises,” said Merit Ossian, Public Information Officer and Education Coordinator. “If you can, move the device away from anything that can catch fire and call 9-1-1 immediately.”


More safety information can be located at or