Glamping, Immersion, The Walking Dead and Skip-Gen

Leisure travel is a huge business, topping $100 billion in 2017. And travel companies are constantly adjusting their offerings to the interests of the travel consumer. Over the past few years, a few interesting trends have emerged to satisfy the whims of Millenials, Boomers and Seniors that offer new experiences and cater to a range of destination and activity levels.

The single biggest shift in vacationers' criteria may be the move away from whirlwind tours around a country, where one visits a city or region each day over a week to ten days, to cultural immersion trips. For the consumer looking for an immersive experience, their vacation must keep them in one town or region for several days (or weeks) at a time - and local experiences like sharing meals with natives, working at a trade the community is known for and lodging in citizens' homes - is the key to a memorable journey.

Another is glamping, or upscale camping, indistinctly remote parts of the world. "Glampers" cherish opportunities to combine adventure with relaxation, sleeping in 4-star canvas tents with chefs and servants in locales like Lake Natron, Tanzania. Glamping keeps the sights and sounds of nature just outside your tent and allows you to follow a migration of wildebeest, or visit a Masai tribe in their village. 

For the less adventurous, themed cruises are all the rage. From knitters and foodies to groupies of 80's bands, and fans of The Walking Dead, the choices abound for themed cruise vacations, where the traveler can gorge themselves with as many common interests as food at the midnight buffet.

The newest trend, and definitely the biggest among seniors, is called skip-gen travel. Increasingly, grandparents are choosing to travel with their grandchildren, leaving Mom and Dad at home. Whether it's a long weekend away or a week at Disneyworld, skip-gen trips let grandparents dote 24/7 on their grandbabies... and parents have the time to enjoy a much-needed break.

As we continue to express our interests for new, exciting (or relaxing) vacation options, the travel industry is crafting innovative solutions, to give us fresh ways to enjoy our time away from the daily grind. Maybe there is something new under the sun after all.