For couples who have had to reschedule or postpone their weddings, whether because of Covid-19 or another reason, there are some things to consider. Here’s a helpful list to make sure you don’t miss anything!


Notify Your Guests

If you’ve already sent out save the dates or invitations, you’ll need to notify your guests there has been a change.  You can start by updating your website and posting on your social media channels about the new date as soon as you have it.  For those affected by Covid-19, many stationers have donated their time and created free templates you can download and use on social media, text or email to your guests, or even print and mail them out.  (Here’s a link to those provided by our office-mate CW Designs). 


Update Your Hotel Blocks

If you have rooms reserved or a discounted rate created at hotels, you’ll need to notify the hotels of your date change and see if they can accommodate moving your group block to the new date.  Hopefully, they will have availability and can simply slide your block to the new date.  If so, make sure to clarify if you need to contact guests or if the hotel will.  Someone needs to verify if guests can attend on the new date and still want their reserved hotel rooms.    Also, update the link on your wedding website to make sure it has the new date when guests try to make a reservation.


If the hotel does not have availability, you may need to locate a new hotel and set up a new room block.  You’ll need to note this on your wedding website and change the accommodation information provided.  You’ll also want to notify your guests of the hotel change directly so they can call to cancel their old reservation and make a new reservation at the new hotel if they can attend.


Style Review

If your new wedding date is in a different season of the year, you might consider updating your wedding plans to accommodate the new season.  For example, if you had a late spring wedding planned and have moved to a winter date, you might need 

  • patio heaters
  • wraps for your bridesmaids in their off-the-shoulder dresses
  • hand warmers for guests (for outdoor ceremonies)
  • different floral due to availability (call your florist!)


You now have the chance to step back and review the style of your wedding overall and make any changes you might like.  (We know this may easier be said than done because you’ve worked so hard on your style, but maybe look at this as a silver lining?)   Discuss this with your décor vendors to find out if any changes should be made but also if they CAN be made.  Some items may have already been purchased or created and it would incur additional fees to change them now.  (Always ask your vendors instead of assuming things can be changed easily.)


Meeting Do-Overs

If a large amount of time is passing between your planned date and the new wedding date (say more than two months), you may need to repeat some meetings.  Especially if you decide to make any changes!  Your planner can guide you in this, but you may want to have another review meeting with your décor vendors, another walk-through at the venue, or review changes in the agenda with your entertainment.  It never hurts to refresh the memories of everyone working on your wedding, which means no detail will get overlooked.


Gathering Your Guest Count

Some couples choose to send a new invitation for their new wedding date, and some choose to just send a change the date card.  Many stationers, included online stationers, have offered discounts for reprinting your original invitation.  Make sure to check if your stationer offers this option!


Either way, you’ll still need to ask guests to rsvp again.  With the new date, you cannot assume the same response for all your guests as it was for the first date.  You’ll either need to include an rsvp card in what you send out, or you’ll need to request guests rsvp online.  TIP:  If you had this option before, make sure to clear out all the original guest responses so you know when it is a true rsvp for the new date.


Honor Your Original Date

With all the hustle of rescheduling your wedding, make sure to take some time and honor your original date.  Whether you choose to have an intimate ceremony that day to still get married but postponing the larger celebration or having a date night with your intended spouse, it’s important.  You’ve spent so much time and energy focused on this date, you should honor that and know it’s still special to you.  It’s okay to grieve the date a little too.  It’s understandable!  Just know to celebrate yourselves too because you made the choice to reschedule for good reasons.  You deserve a moment to do what you need and feels right on this date.


We know your new wedding date will be even sweeter because of the delay and everyone will be truly ready to celebrate!  As always, if you need any help with the new plans, we are here for you!



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Written by Wendy Kidd, Owner & Lead Planner at Each & Every Detail