The More Sources, The Better.

Online reviews have empowered consumers to get better information, and make better choices, before purchasing big ticket items like cars, home improvement contractors, and vacations.

And while most people use TripAdvisor as their go-to source for hotel and B&B reviews, take TripAdvisor reviews with a grain of salt.

An independent analysis of thousands of reviews on TripAdvisor revealed that what showed up as top-rated B&Bs in heavy tourist areas, may have TWICE as many fake reviews as lower-ranked B&Bs..

How does this happen? Some of these unscrupulous places buy 5-star reviews for their business… and they also buy negative reviews of their competitors.

How can you tell the difference between real and fake reviews? It’s almost impossible… but we recommend you never use only one review source, especially TripAdvisor.. They admitted to deleting negative reviews of their advertisers on the past.

Search reviews for hotels and B&B’s from MULTIPLE sources - or trust a travel advisor to do the vetting for you.