There's A Cruise For That.

Gotta hobby? Favorite show? Interest?

In the world of travel, there are countless ways to discover new places, people and things, from fully independent travel to escorted tours. Among the fastest growing vacation segments is theme cruising.. seeing new sights and relaxing while hanging out with people of like interests.

There are literally hundreds of options available to enthusiasts of TV shows, sports, hobbies, historical and cultural interests, and the arts. From fans of the 1988 World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers, to passionate viewers of The Walking Dead, to foodies, lovers of craft beer and wine, there's a cruise for almost everyone. And this theme-travel wave appears to be only getting bigger each year.

Want to hang out with a ship full of cat ladies? How about NASCAR drivers? Or Oprah? Or maybe you'd prefer to cross the pond with columnists from The National Review? Yep, there's a cruise for that.

And you thought it was all about the midnight buffet.