You May Be Surprised By The Answer.

The holidays are fast approaching, and millions of folks are planning to get on a flight to visit family, or enjoy the holidays at a beach or on the slopes. Think about it… several hundred people will be walking off your plane, and several hundred more will be getting on, pretty quickly afterwards.


So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the lavatories on planes are dirty, despite how they may look. And yet, there are always a few people who will not only take off their shoes before walking to the lav, but some will even go barefoot!


But believe it or not, the MOST germ-infested place on a plane is not the bathroom.. can you guess where it is?


Travel Math found that tray tables have over 8 times the bacteria on them as the “flush”button in the lav.. and the reason is, the airlines don’t have time to clean them between flights… so we recommend taking sanitizing wipes with you and thoroughly wipe them down.


Two other particularly germy places on a plane include the seat-back pocket (think how much trash people stuff in there), and if you prefer aisle seats like me, the aisle seat headrests. People grasp the headrests constantly for support, as they move through the plane.


This holiday season, do yourself a favor.. keep your shoes on, and wipe down those high-traffic surfaces with a sanitizing wipe.. and you (and your family) will stand a much better chance of returning from your trip healthy!