You'll Love Number 5!

The Internet is an awesome thing in general, and an awesome tool for vacation research and booking basic flights, hotels and rental cars. But sometimes too much of a good thing is, well, not such a good thing, because the Web is crammed full of so many choices for cruises, tours, and destinations that it can be difficult for the consumer to know whether they're really getting a great value when they shop on their own.

This is where using a travel agent is a smart choice. For customized vacations, cruises, and especially international travel, here are five reasons why you should use a travel agent:

1. Experience. Travel agents know the market, and listen to you and your criteria for a great getaway. They can do a better job than you at matching what you want than you can going solo online.

2. Resources. Travel agents have a wealth of cruise line, tour operator and destination partners that the average consumer does not have access to; we have all the same deals you can find online, and more. Often, they can find better values for the specific trip you want than you can find on your own.

3. Advocacy. When you book directly and something goes wrong, you're left to wage the battle with the provider on your own. Travel agents are your best ally, because they can leverage our relationships with those providers to resolve issues quickly and effectively.

4. Convenience. Your time is precious, so why spend hours putting together your vacation, when a travel agent can do all the hard work for you? They can plan out the vacation you actually want, instead of one you saw on television. 

5. Saving Money. Consumers pay nothing for travel agents' services.. but their knowledge and resources may mean you get more value than you expected for the price you're paying for your trip. Travel agents pack as much value into your investment as possible, and work hard so you'll come back to them for your next vacation and refer them to your friends.