Donation of medical supplies to Puerto Rico results in patient transfer to Medical City McKinney

Brent Armstrong, MD, an emergency medicine physician on staff at Medical City McKinney, is passionate about giving back to others through medical missions and his work with Mission Regan, a local non-profit dedicated to collecting and distributing medical supplies to those in need.

Late last week, Dr. Armstrong coordinated an effort for Mission Regan to provide more than 250 boxes of supplies to a relief effort in Puerto Rico. His mission did not end there. After the supplies were delivered Dr. Armstrong was asked to help find a hospital to accept an elderly, World War II veteran in need of medical attention.

“I didn’t hesitate.  Yes, we could help,” said Dr. Armstrong.

Following Hurricane Maria, Alvin Martinez, 92 years old, spent two weeks in a Puerto Rico nursing home without running water and electricity. Alvin’s son Jorge, a cardiologist in Puerto Rico, had been trying to get his father to Boston so he could be closer to his sister and mother.

“Hurricane Maria devastated the island and air travel was limited to only 20 commercial flight a days,” said Jorge Martinez. “I didn’t know how we were going to get my dad to Boston.”

A connection between strangers placed Alvin and his family on the private jet that had just dropped off boxes of donated Mission Regan medical supplies.

“I had never met any of the people that were helping coordinate our travel to Texas. We placed our faith in these strangers and the effort they were making for our family,” said Jorge. “We are blessed to be receiving such great care at Medical City McKinney. The staff has been wonderful, and my father is doing much better.”

Sunday evening, Dr. Armstrong had an opportunity to check in on Alvin and his family and invited Jorge to see where their journey started – the Mission Regan warehouse.

“We had an opportunity to tour the Mission Regan warehouse on Monday. I am excited to say that once Dr. Martinez gets back to the island he is going to help us coordinate additional medical supplies to the country,” said Dr. Armstrong.

Mission Regan receives 70 percent of its donated supplies from Medical City Healthcare hospitals.

Dr. Jorge Martinez, left, add a push pin to the Mission Regan map to help identify locations where Mission Regan has shipped supplies around the globe. Once Dr. Martinez returns to Puerto Rico he plans to assist Mission Regan with more supply transfers.