"Cool" Hot Weather Pup Activities

The dog days of summer have arrived.  During the summer, heat advisories are common in North Texas. Meaning, heat exhaustion or heat stroke can quickly occur to anyone participating in outdoor activities. It is dangerous for any critter wearing a coat to be outside, especially pups like bulldogs and pugs.  To be happy and healthy, all dogs need 30 minutes a day of mental and physical exercise.  Don't let scorching weather stop your play.  Pick one of these cool, hot weather dog activities and have some fun!

1. Purchase a kiddie pool. This is just one of several hot-weather dog activities that you can enjoy, too! Some pups jump right in while others are hesitant. Do not force your pup into the pool. Try these ideas to entice your pup into the cool water:
*throw a few of your pup's toys into the pool and start a game of "fetch"
*get in yourself and play with the dog toys
*some pups enjoy fishing for ice cubes in the pool or pieces of hot dog
*filling the pool can be a game. Our pal Keena likes to bite the water as it comes out of the hose.

2. Set up a few water sprinklers and enjoy running through them with your pup.

Create fun ice cubes with a treat inside. Put water in ice trays, Bundt pans, paper cups, or muffin pans. Drop in a dog treat, tiny pieces of hot dog, blueberries or a small ball of peanut butter. Freeze. Or, for an extra yummy frozen treat, replace the water with no sugar added yogurt or broth.

Turn the A/C on in your car and head to a pet friendly store. It will be cool for both of you and with new smells and sights, it will be stimulating for your pup. Make one of your destinations a pet store and take your time strolling up and down the aisles. While you are there, purchase a new interactive toy.

1. Play with bubbles in your home. Your dog will chase, jump, and nip at the spheres you create
2. Play Hide n Seek. How long will it take your pup to find you hiding in the bathtub?
3. Teach your dog a new trick.
4. Use your stairs. Throw a ball to the top and have your pup fetch it.
5. Have a long hallway? This is a great place to play fetch.
6. Place tennis balls in muffin tins with a treat underneath a few of the tennis balls.