Here's (Probably) Why

If you took a cruise several years ago, especially if it was a shorter sailing, you may have walked away from the experience thoroughly unimpressed. Or worse, determined to never repeat that “mistake” again.

It used to be said that cruises were for “the newly wed and nearly dead”… the vacation vehicle of choice for a serene, almost sleep-inducing level of relaxation. Not an unfair description; when the midnight buffet is the talk of the cruise, there’s clearly not a lot going on there. And if you happened to be on a shorter cruise, you were hit with a double whammy, because the ship was probably one of the older models in the company’s portfolio and had many fewer features and bells and whistles than the guests on seven-night trips enjoyed.

Well the times, they are a-changin’. And it’s time to test-drive a cruise again, even a short one.

First, let’s talk about the ships. Due to incredible competition among the cruise lines, older ships (which may have remained unchanged for years in the past) are now taken out of service at increasingly short intervals, to be redesigned, refurbished and returned to use with modern features, entertainment and technology. Royal Caribbean completely reimagined the Navigator of The Seas recently, with onboard features guests would not have imagined even a years ago, including the longest waterslide at sea, and the only headfirst mat racer waterslide at sea. The ship will take guests on three-night and four-night cruises to the Bahamas, including visits to their new private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay. Mariner of the Seas, another recently redesigned Royal Caribbean ship, will also take shorter cruises.

Next, let’s talk dining options. Back in the day, early or late seating was the choice of the day, in sprawling dining rooms that seemed to span the length of the ship. Today’s cruises offer dining options 24 hours a day. Navigator of the Seas has no less than twelve restaurants, and eight bars and lounges.

Last, let’s talk technology and entertainment. Want to connect while away? WiFi at sea has improved significantly, so you don’t have to completely unplug while sailing the ocean blue. Fear missing out on the big game? Not to worry, the sports bars on these ships now have live feeds of major sporting events around the globe. Mariner of the Seas’s entertainment options include a bungee trampoline, laser tag, and escape rooms. This is not your mother’s cruise ship.

So if you only cruise experience was less than great, we hear you. But maybe it’s time to test drive a cruise again.. even a short sailing, where you’re not investing a ton of time or cash. You may find it’s your new favorite way to vacation.