There are still so many things to celebrate in the time of Coronavirus/Covid-19. Just because we are safe at home doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate with family and friends. I trust by now you have heard about virtual hangouts and parties mainly being conducted over Zoom. These celebrations, unorthodox in nature, have given us joy in a way that we would never have thought of before the pandemic.

We wanted to fully embrace this new trend and also give you ideas on how to celebrate life’s events such as birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, and just because. 

What Kind of Event Do You Want to Have?

You get to pick when and how you want to celebrate! You could do a fun birthday brunch, a cocktail hour engagement party, or a dinner to celebrate your anniversary. You want to decide ahead of time so you can include those details when you invite your guests so they have ample time to prepare at their homes. You might ask yourself how you would celebrate if we weren't in quarantine and think of how you can translate that into a Zoom party. While quarantine makes you reconsider how to party, it also helps you to think outside the box.

Invite Your Guests

Set the tone of the event with the invite! You can still do paper invites and mail them to your friends and family if there is enough time before the event. Minted is one of our favorites - invites are very easy to order and you even have the option to have envelopes addressed for you. If you are wanting your event to feel more formal this may be a great way to set that scene.

You can also send an evite. This option is easy and there are so many websites you can use. Paperless Post has fun options in many different styles and some are even free! They have rolled out a whole section for virtual parties. You can also just use the cards in your party's specific category and change the wording to let your guests know it will be virtual.

You may want to consider limiting the number of guests you invite to the Zoom celebration. Too many people online may make it feel hectic. If you have more people you want to include you can have multiple parties for different friend/family circles. Your celebration will last even longer with this option!

It's All in the Details

Let's start by setting the vibe. Did you know that you can have custom backgrounds on Zoom? You can find a background you love, customize it, and then send the background with your invite for your guests to partake during the party. You can also play music through Zoom from your laptop that would allow all your guests to be listening to a playlist you created. Ask your guests to dress in a certain way to make it more cohesive - maybe cocktail dresses for happy hour or spring-inspired for brunch?

You can also send your guests favor boxes ahead of the party for them to have. They can be simple favors you would normally find or you can set them up for some fun during the party. For example, you can send themed boxes that go along with the party like this one from Just Hit Send Gifts. If you have the time and desire you can even gather your own items to put together and send out to your guests such as customized glasses and champagne. These confetti cannons would be a blast to launch in celebration! You could even send some dessert by popular food delivery businesses so everyone can have a sweet bite after singing happy birthday.

What to Do at the Party?

You're all there (virtually) to celebrate, now what? It can be as casual as just chatting and reminiscing. You could also make it more sentimental and take turns saying toasts about the guest(s) of honor. Virtual games and trivia have become quite popular in these past months to pass the time and get the party started! Also don't discount what you would normally do at a party - sing "Happy Birthday", blow out your candles, have a dance party, or anything that makes you happy!

We are always excited to celebrate the big moments in life and we love any excuse to make a day special. Celebrating with Zoom may be just the thing you need to look forward to and to liven up your week. We are always happy to help coordinate such events and pull all those details together. Contact us if you have a celebration coming up!


Written by Shawna Pilcher, Brand Ambassador at Each & Every Detail