Good News For Main Cabin Passengers

I wrote an article here last February about Basic Economy fares (Basic Economy: Basically Awful), because this new class of fare often looks like a regular Economy ticket to consumers, but the cheaper price comes with the inability to select a seat (the airlines will do that for you just before the flight, thank you), and often unexpected baggage fees.


So it's a treat to report some really good news for main cabin travelers, courtesy of Delta Airlines.

Starting in November, Delta will add some perks for main cabin passengers on trans-Atlantic flights that will feel more like business-class treatment than coach.



As passengers settle into their seats, they'll be offered a "welcome aboard bellini". Before and after meals, flight attendants will serve hot towels. Meal options will include upscale appetizers and à la carte dining.


And on descent, travelers will be offered "farewell chocolates".


In an era where once-standard services in the main cabin are being offered at an additional cost, Delta's announcement is very good news. And just in time for the busy holiday travel season.