McKINNEY (June 23, 2014) — VFW "Lone Star" Post 2150 will pay tribute to Vietnam Veterans, their families, friends and guests with a special "Back to the '60s" night on Friday, June 27 from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. A special ‘60’s menu, based on McKinney's "Steffie's Jiffy Dog Drive-In," will feature old-fashioned burgers, homemade onion rings, fries and – for those aficionados who have been without the “real thing” for too many years – genuine "Jiffy Dogs" from the original recipe from the Post’s top-rated kitchen.

McKinney Online -  VFW Lone Star Post 2150

Dance to music from the '50s and '60s performed by some of the original rock 'n roll and country musicians who played in this very club back when the music was new. Hosted by Vietnam Veteran and Texas Music recording artist, R.D. Foster and his band, The Red River Surfers, the music will range from Merle Haggard to Jimi Hendrix, with many special guests.

For the folks new to the area, you might think live music began at a little pub in Plano, or a sleek new bistro in Frisco, or in a hip little setting in downtown McKinney. Actually the oldest continuous live music venue in Collin County is VFW Post 2150, located at 1710 N. Church St. in Downtown McKinney. The "Lone Star Post," one of the oldest in Texas, opened the doors to its current building in 1950. The only place in town at the time with a bar, a stage and a dance floor, it gave local musicians a place to play every weekend. Just across the street from a busy and bustling Ashburn Veterans Hospital (now the Job Corps), the Post was the only place in McKinney that served alcohol and there were plenty of people who enjoyed a night of dining, drinking and dancing, Vets and guests alike.

In the early days it was mostly country-and-western bands playing dance music for World War II vets and guests, but the arrival of the Beatles in the early '60s changed everything. All across America, including McKinney, teenagers were picking up electric guitars and drums and forming their own little bands, practicing in garages, bedrooms and barns. The stage at the VFW gave those kids a real place to play and was the birthplace of some of the first live rock 'n roll music played in Collin County. Many of those guitar players and drummers went on to have long music careers. Some have had successful records, Hall of Fame status and many have played with, shared the stage with, and wrote for many well-known rock, blues and country acts.

There weren't any parades or big "welcome home" banners for our Vietnam Veterans when they came home. Don't miss this very special "Back to the '60s" night in McKinney as we pay tribute to the girls and guys who put their lives on the line, with food and music from that world-changing time in our nation's history.

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