Dallas Piano Restorations is a different kind of piano store, specializing in the restoration and sales of pre-war Steinways and other fine grand pianos. 

Music enthusiasts who walk into the showroom, with its silver tin ceiling, in Historic Downtown McKinney may find an 1883 Victorian rosewood Steinway with carved legs, or a black 1935 Art Deco baby grand with nickel hardware or a 1911 nine-foot Steinway concert grand, all looking and sounding like the day they were made.

Founded by Mike Terrill and Lou Tasciotti, Dallas Piano Restorations features the work of longtime piano technicians and craftsmen fed up with the glut of cheaply made foreign pianos on the market today.

"Dallas Piano Restorations has no new pianos to push or salespeople to push them," explains Tasciotti. "Instead, we restore and sell the finest pianos ever built, vintage Steinway pianos, hand-made in New York City since 1853."

The Steinway is acknowledged as the standard piano of the music world and every pianist dreams of owning one. Older, pre-war Steinways built during the company’s “Golden Age,” when the Steinway family ran the factory for five generations, are especially in demand. 

But it is also the longevity of the Steinway piano that drives Dallas Piano Restorations' business. A 100-year-old Steinway, properly restored, is good for another 100 years and will be in your family for generations, Tasciotti and Terrill say.

"That is why Steinways are the only pianos that appreciate; a Steinway model M baby grand made in 1915 now sells for 81 times the original price, while thousands of other century-old pianos are hauled off to the dump every year," Tasciotti says.

The Steinway pianos that Dallas Piano Restorations restores and sells are made of North American Rock Maple with real ebony keys, whereas many of today’s pianos are made of particle board and plastic parts that cannot be restored in the future. 

Although many customers bring their family heirloom pianos to restore, most of the restored pianos in the showroom are for sale. It takes three to four months to restore a piano, and our customers can purchase a black satin Steinway from our showroom floor, or select their stain and finish preferences for exotic wood cases during the restoration process.

Dallas Piano Restorations is a full-service piano shop offering tuning, repairs, refinishing, moving and storage, piano lessons and sales consignment services as well. 

Installing custom player systems is another exciting part of the business, linking pianos to a vast internet library on your iPhone or iPad.

"Our business has always been fun," Tasciotti says. "Mike was tuning for a customer one time and Aretha Franklin walked in. We sold a piano to Don Henley of the Eagles a few years ago. In 1996, we restored Jerry Jones’ Steinway for his home in Dallas, and Mike later tuned for the opening of Cowboy Stadium."

Dallas Piano Restorations, at 307 E. Louisiana St., is open to the public on Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. or by appointment by calling 972-208-0514. For more information, go to  DallasPianoRestorations.net or follow the business on Facebook by going to Facebook.com/DallasPianoRestorations to view upcoming events.