Tutor Doctor, a worldwide tutoring franchise that provides individualized home-based instruction to learners of all ages, has become the foundational sponsor of “The Why Factor”, a non-profit community outreach program created to spark inspiration in students, parents, and educators alike to help break through the barriers that hold them inspired. The one-on-one, in-home tutoring service is on a mission is to fuel student dreams through motivation, inspiration back and get and collaboration. With similar goals and missions, both companies want to prove that through collaboration, anything is possible.

Tutor Doctor Frisco was pleased to bring Shayne Smith, one of the motivational speakers of the “The Why Factor”, to selected schools around the Frisco area. Shayne presented at Faubion Middle School on Tuesday, Oct. 22 where he inspired and challenged students to acknowledge their dreams and develop goals. Through “The Why Factor” program, Shayne taught students to feel inspired and excited about building confidence and self-esteem through the magic of education.

Shayne Smith is a driven and motivated 25-year-old. He is a role model to kids and teenagers, for his ability to overcome obstacles, and achieve the most seemingly impossible dreams. When Shayne was four months old he contracted meningococcal septicemia, a form of sepsis, leaving him with multiple amputations, including his legs, a hand and half of each finger on the other. He always wanted to play basketball, and despite being told that he could never play, he has made it to the Wheelchair Basketball All Star Team, and has won awards for his game.

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“Since Shayne’s childhood he has consistently proved that people with disabilities can do anything that able-bodied people can, they just do it differently,” said Stacy Parkelj, owner of Tutor Doctor Frisco. “The goal of our sponsorship is to inspire everyone to realize a bright future through education by teaching individuals to be self-motivated and driven to reach their full potential.”

Shayne shares his story, obstacles and ongoing success with young students around McKinney and Frisco to prove that you write your own rulebook. Regardless of what the circumstances are, or the challenges that are faced, anyone can triumph over set-backs and limitations. Just like in his game, Shayne offensively plays his strengths, instead of focusing on negatives. He achieves these personal victories with an unbeatable spirit and by putting a dedicated effort into achieving his goals.

For more information, call the Tutor Doctor Frisco at 972-372-0338 or visit tutordoctorfrisco.com.


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