Today’s kids are immersed in technology: cell phones, computers and video games. While technology is a blessing, many parents would love to see their kids enjoy other activities that are not device-based. At Chestnut Square Historical Village this summer, children have the opportunity to “time travel” back to an era before the Information Age and experience the summers of yesterday.

Our Prairie Adventure Camps offer young campers an encounter with a time when the clanging in the air was a blacksmith hammering out his newest creation, when the smell of a fresh pie cooling on a porch was mixed with the fragrance of summer flowers, and when the taste of Dutch oven cooking and freshly churned butter was a part of every day.

McKinney Online - Pioneer Camps
McKinney Online - Pioneer Camps

Getting in the Spirit

Each day’s camp begins with “de-modernizing.” Children dress in historically-themed clothing to help them really embrace their trip back in time. Each camp session focuses on different types of textile arts, home skills and old-fashioned games.

Kids experience activities like marbles, jacks, dominoes and square-dancing. Pie-making, soap-making, home-made ice cream, quilting, weaving and other old-time hobbies add to the fun. It’s truly not only a treat for the senses, but a way to give participants a new perspective.

Quaint Crafts

Campers between 9 and 13 years old can add an afternoon session of old-fashioned crafts (quilting, jewelry-making, painting or cooking) to continue their time-traveling adventure. Specialty classes are instructed by local artists and at the end of the camp participants get to keep their completed projects.


Two Summer Sessions

Camps run in June and July and are limited to 15 campers per session. Children take a break from the fast-paced modern culture and enjoy lemonade on the porch with new friends. We know you’d like to come, too, but this camp is only for the kids!

It’s an old-fashioned summer at Chestnut Square Pioneer Adventure Camps. Register now before the camps fill up. Visit