As two district buses pulled away from the McKinney ISD Administration Building on Tuesday morning, the dismal weather outside did nothing to quell the upbeat outlook of the 73 senior adult passengers onboard. With MISD Partners in Education Specialist Nancy Cowlishaw acting as hostess, the festive atmosphere was soon punctuated by the sounds of conversation and laughter.

The 2013 Senior Tour was underway.

With scheduled stops at Caldwell Elementary, McKinney North High School and Scott Johnson Middle School, this third annual trek through McKinney ISD offered two generations an opportunity to connect -- and provided a brief glimpse into today’s MISD classrooms.

Some tour guests signed up because they have grandchildren in the district; others were just curious. Whatever their motivation for coming along, by day’s end, the prevailing sentiment was one of quiet amazement at the opportunities afforded students in McKinney ISD.

“This is just tremendous preparation for the kids, for their future,” said Joe Bell of his first tour experience. “It’s just tremendous what they’re making available to the kids today.”

The McKinney ISD website has several pictures from the tour. Click here to view the images.


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