Through the community efforts of online organization and with donations from as far away as California, the sixth grade math classes of teacher Stacey Hatfield at Scott Johnson Middle School in McKinney have received six new Apple Mini iPads.

Donors Choose is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization started by teacher Charles Best for public school teachers’ projects in the United States.

Teachers decide on a project that will enhance learning for their students and then individuals and organizations can help fund that specific project via the Donors Choose site.

Hatfield selected Apple Mini iPads because “our students don’t always have up-to-date technology at home and the mini iPads are easy to use in the classroom. Wi-Fi connections allow them to access programs like Think Through Math and work through the skills I have assigned to close the gaps in their learning. They can access math skill games to keep learning fun and interesting.”

Students from one of Stacey Hatfield's sixth grade math classes perform classwork using a Mini iPad.

“Students can also use the Mini iPads to create video projects like ‘Geometry in the Real World’ with music and images,” Hatfield said.

“It’s very exciting to see my students’ math skills improve as they use their earphones to hear videos and learn at their own pace and in their own way. Our textbook is online and the vendor provides videos and online tutoring that students can access. Students ask for help if they have questions,” she added.

“Students with learning challenges can privately listen to audio and have pages read to them. This way they don’t stand out in the classroom and it gives them a sense of normalcy. With the best technology in their hands, students find learning to be fun and we’re closing the gaps in their knowledge even faster so they can move up to the next level,” Hatfield said.

If you would like to help fund a project for a local teacher, just go to where you can look up a local public school to see what might be needed to improve learning in your community classrooms. There are over 10,000 math and science projects nationwide waiting to be funded right now.


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